The Ballad of the Damned

The thrashing behind him

His head rips around

The beasts tore through the underbrush

Glowing eyes, wicked mouths

Fueled by his fears

His feet hit the ground

Their breath on his neck

Their evil surrounds him

Stumbles away

Thorns rip his skin

Fear stains the ground

Evil seeps in

The fog fades away

Like confidence melts

The moonlight surrounds

Alone in their veil

On tortured legs he ran

Away from their growls

Their eyes in the dark

The silence of owls

A light in the abbey

The wind put it out

The salvation it offered

Was not what he found

The door slammed behind him

The hunters close in

The beasts wanted flesh

The beasts wanted him

His foot falls echoed

Across the stone floor

Freezing flames at the altar

Death at the door

The light from candles

Played upon her face

Showing her peaceful

Cowl covered space

The anguish, the pain

The burning inside

True love he had found

True love he denied

The happiness left

When he had run out the door

But had he been happy?

Or had there been more?

He couldn’t relax

He had always to move

She had begged him to stay

When he left he refused

His demons had found him

Alone in the woods

His fortress was weakened

He’d stay strong if he could

His arm swept the candles

And flames to the floor

Her body it passed through

For she was no more

Had he truly loved her?

And should he have risked

Living a life?

But the answers resist

“Of course you didn’t love her”

It came from behind

In the pews sat the stranger

Who dared reply

“Surely you know me”

The stranger to him said

“But it has been so long

And you thought I was dead”

“But lets forget our past

I know I was wrong

I just want to help you

To see you along”

“You don’t exist!

I watched you die”

The stranger simply laughed

While the man simply cried

“I used to hate time

Now I hate staying the same

Did we have a choice

Or are we pawns in the game?

She didn’t love you

You knew that inside

You didn’t love her

You hadn’t the time”

“I think I did love her”

He feebly replied

The stranger’s look was pity

But hate was in his eyes

“You didn’t love her”

The stranger suddenly roared

“She is a plea for empathy

That’s it nothing more”

“I think that I did”

Came the stronger reply

“I really did love her

Deep down inside”

The stranger shrieked in pain

And fell to the ground

The man saw the game

And had won this round

The stranger disappeared

In a blinding flash

As the beast broke the door

With a defining crash

The shattered splinters

Formed a brief frame

Around all the creatures

Which hunted his name

And he saw something new

As the wood hit the floor

The stranger was standing

The stranger had horns

The man turned and fled

Out a small door

He’d faced his doubts

There shouldn’t be moer

In the courtyard he found her

Wet, shaking and scared

Love made a weakness

He just wasn’t prepared

The ground squirmed around them

Dirt, maggots and worms

The statue would whisper

Dark evil words

The ground would absorb them

If given the chance

The building was angry

The building was mad

He carefully lifted

Her soft, gentle frame

In the dark tower door

He hid her away

He set her down slowly

Onto the cold ground

He knew that the stranger

Was close, was around

The ground in the courtyard

Had fallen away

The stone edges followed

What’s left-smokey grey

He saw the demons

Coming their way

Their eyes glowed with laughter

As if to say

“We see your soul tremble

It soon will be ours

Why try to run

You can’t get very far”

they ran up the staircase

To hide from their sight

The faint sound of laughter

A howl in the night

The stranger was calling

“You cannot escape

This is your creation

But you’ve lost your way

Your mind is collapsing

You cannot support

All of your passages

All of your doors”

As he spoke, the grey spread

Took some bricks and a stair

He wasn’t worried

They almost were there

Up ahead was their savior

Up ahead was the sun

Their salvation was offered

They finally had won

The stairs collapsing behind them

Her foot missed the floor

She stumbles to stand

But the grey took one more

The man’s shrieks were legendary

They fought off the dark

The banshees were scared

The screaming of the heart

The man reached for the tower

As the grey held its place

She’d missed his hand

He hadn’t missed her face

The fear and the pain

Almost consumed him this time

His only distraction

The footsteps behind him

The stranger was smiling

He’d won the round

Where there was grey

He replaced the ground

“She is damned forever

Cursed now to stay

Trapped in indecision

Trapped in grey”

The man shrieked in pain

He would join her in the grey

and although it had departed

He jumped anyway

Escape through the air

To encounter cold stone

Where her cries would still echo

Wouldn’t leave him alone

For the air was his hope

But his hope was his pain

But maybe for some

The pain keeps them sane

The horned stranger smiled

His job had been done

The man faced his evil

The man’s evil had won

It was early next morning when they found him

Laying in a thicket

Stained knife in his hand

He looked rather distant

Explained he was damned

Didn’t quite bother to explain his whole plan

His lover he saved

When he cut out her heart

He ended her pain

Down in the pit

As they dragged him away

The stranger grinned slowly

He had gotten his way.


As I

As I sit here

I think about you

I think of the time we have spent together

I think of your pain I know you will never be mine

I wish you knew how much it hurts

As I sit in my room

I think of you

With my music

Blaring in my ears

As I listen

I wish I could give you happiness

I wish I knew your pain

So I could take it away

As I think of you

I also think of her

She is my friend

I hate myself for what I’ve done

As I sit here

I think of my pain and ways to end it

I think of murder, suicide and so much more

I want it to end now.

Silent Moon

The door slams in her face

And she is surrounded by col

Her tears falling freely from her overcast eyes

And freeze like icicles

A shock against her numb cheeks

They remind her that she is still alive

That she can still feel

That she can still freeze

They remind her that her doubt, her fears

Will always dance before her

And lead her to follow their manic hurried steps

And she will lose her logic

Within this intoxicating ritual

The door slams in her face

And the bitter wind

Numbs her feet

Numbs her hands

Numbs her thoughts

She looks for the fire within her

The lioness that once roared

But she is scared that the only fire

Is the warm tip placed to her trembling lips

A compensation that seems empty in itself

A smoke that masks the insane movements

Of her pain

The door slams in her face

And she is left with her soul

Mirrored by the female beside her

They speak of God, of a savior

And she thinks how this equal before her

So reflects her God

One who rarely questions

Simply catches the expressions that darkens

Or brightens her face and silently acknowledges it

One who lends a shoulder with a glance or a word

And the understanding of a wisdom

That outstrides age

The door slams in her face

And her words stumble awkwardly

Onto this listener whose beauty

Is framed by the light of the moon

A light that scares her

For she is in a world that stretches a full circle

Most of which she has not seen

Miles away

Minds with other lives

With other problems

Stare at this same lighted being

Thinking they are doomed

Thinking they will not survive

Just as she does this night

The door slams in her face

But she smiles silently

Realizing her fire is still there

Like the moon

It is shadowed by clouds

That at once change from shadowy veils

To mere supports that frame the pale being

In its glory

She looks to the female beside her

Then looks to herself

Framed in a place that will eternalize her

But leave her trapped in the harsh serenity

Of pain and conflict

The moon’s beauty is silent

Her soul’s beauty is silent

To search for it and battle it

To conquer and kill it

Would be taking the moon

And hiding it forever

The Ultimate

You are the Ultimate Poet

You gather up your thoughts and relationships

And piece them together

Into a collage of yourself

Which you study and examine

To find all the details

That you didn’t know were there

So that you have a true image

Of who you are

And what you should be doing

And no longer have to be confused but

You are the Ultimate Betrayal

You throw it all away

Like a piece of mail

Telling you that you may have

Already won ten million dollars

And watch it burn

With the joy of a criminal

Watching the last shred of evidence

Fade from view into the oblivion

Beyond the flames but

You are the Ultimate Liar

You take clippings of all the fun

Media induced things

You wish you were or could be

And piece them together into another

Familiar collage

Which you show to all your friends

To prove that you are being yourself

And not what you think they want

Always hoping that they won’t notice

The few drops of misplaced glue but

You are the Ultimate Poet

You show your collages

To anyone who will look

Showing the differences

And analyzing all the possible meanings

And priding yourself on the fact that

You weren’t afraid

To reveal yourself to others

Which only serves

To perpetuate your own self-made lie.



no love lost for those others I’ve known

no love lost when with you I’m not alone

no love lost when you are here

no love lost when will you appear?

are you lost little girl?

where have your parents gone?

why are you here?

don’t you know where you belong?

just walk away from here

just walk and don’t care

and walk with no fear

you will someday get there

blood on patent leather

the serpent is here and he is glad

bury your head in the sand

he hides among the lollipops and licorice

he hunts you for your kiss

when it’s late at night

and the water glows

do you know where the river goes?

i’ve got to know

let me go

why does the blood flow?

where do shadows go in the sun?

do you dream of death undone?

come on, lets run

lets run west past the snake

lets run west past the lake

lets just run west

and never stop

and never go east

avoid the stalking beast

you can’t undo whats done

you can only run

the snowball grows at it rolls

it crushes toes as it rolls

and when it reaches the sun

it melts

Waves of Reality

She views the barren snd before her

A plain of vast emptiness

Distinguished only by a set of her footprints

Continually cleansed by the tides of perpetual flow

She is a jewel

Shining amongst this dullness

Admired amongst this plainness

She absorbs the sands warmth

Taking the vibrant energy it gains from the sun

Foam touches her warm feet

Its coldness startling her

Awakening her from her self-indulgence

It seems to call to her

Taunting her to look at the ocean beside her

It then backs away

Leaving her to form her own impression

Of this new discovery

Her cool indifference is cast away

As she looks to the vast body of water

And becomes aware of its presence

Its reality

Its waves mark the passion within her

Its crests rise to her ecstatic happiness

Its troughs fall to her dark depressions

Next to the ocean she is an equal

A jewel amongst a thousand jewels

She longs to enter its mysterious water

That seems to share the air she breathes

In a moment of true confidence

She leaves the sand

The canvas for her beauty

And enters the water

The paint of her beauty

Her footprints are left on the sand

To be made into a hazy impression

By the beautiful flow of the tide.