no love lost for those others I’ve known

no love lost when with you I’m not alone

no love lost when you are here

no love lost when will you appear?

are you lost little girl?

where have your parents gone?

why are you here?

don’t you know where you belong?

just walk away from here

just walk and don’t care

and walk with no fear

you will someday get there

blood on patent leather

the serpent is here and he is glad

bury your head in the sand

he hides among the lollipops and licorice

he hunts you for your kiss

when it’s late at night

and the water glows

do you know where the river goes?

i’ve got to know

let me go

why does the blood flow?

where do shadows go in the sun?

do you dream of death undone?

come on, lets run

lets run west past the snake

lets run west past the lake

lets just run west

and never stop

and never go east

avoid the stalking beast

you can’t undo whats done

you can only run

the snowball grows at it rolls

it crushes toes as it rolls

and when it reaches the sun

it melts


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