Silent Moon

The door slams in her face

And she is surrounded by col

Her tears falling freely from her overcast eyes

And freeze like icicles

A shock against her numb cheeks

They remind her that she is still alive

That she can still feel

That she can still freeze

They remind her that her doubt, her fears

Will always dance before her

And lead her to follow their manic hurried steps

And she will lose her logic

Within this intoxicating ritual

The door slams in her face

And the bitter wind

Numbs her feet

Numbs her hands

Numbs her thoughts

She looks for the fire within her

The lioness that once roared

But she is scared that the only fire

Is the warm tip placed to her trembling lips

A compensation that seems empty in itself

A smoke that masks the insane movements

Of her pain

The door slams in her face

And she is left with her soul

Mirrored by the female beside her

They speak of God, of a savior

And she thinks how this equal before her

So reflects her God

One who rarely questions

Simply catches the expressions that darkens

Or brightens her face and silently acknowledges it

One who lends a shoulder with a glance or a word

And the understanding of a wisdom

That outstrides age

The door slams in her face

And her words stumble awkwardly

Onto this listener whose beauty

Is framed by the light of the moon

A light that scares her

For she is in a world that stretches a full circle

Most of which she has not seen

Miles away

Minds with other lives

With other problems

Stare at this same lighted being

Thinking they are doomed

Thinking they will not survive

Just as she does this night

The door slams in her face

But she smiles silently

Realizing her fire is still there

Like the moon

It is shadowed by clouds

That at once change from shadowy veils

To mere supports that frame the pale being

In its glory

She looks to the female beside her

Then looks to herself

Framed in a place that will eternalize her

But leave her trapped in the harsh serenity

Of pain and conflict

The moon’s beauty is silent

Her soul’s beauty is silent

To search for it and battle it

To conquer and kill it

Would be taking the moon

And hiding it forever


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