The Ultimate

You are the Ultimate Poet

You gather up your thoughts and relationships

And piece them together

Into a collage of yourself

Which you study and examine

To find all the details

That you didn’t know were there

So that you have a true image

Of who you are

And what you should be doing

And no longer have to be confused but

You are the Ultimate Betrayal

You throw it all away

Like a piece of mail

Telling you that you may have

Already won ten million dollars

And watch it burn

With the joy of a criminal

Watching the last shred of evidence

Fade from view into the oblivion

Beyond the flames but

You are the Ultimate Liar

You take clippings of all the fun

Media induced things

You wish you were or could be

And piece them together into another

Familiar collage

Which you show to all your friends

To prove that you are being yourself

And not what you think they want

Always hoping that they won’t notice

The few drops of misplaced glue but

You are the Ultimate Poet

You show your collages

To anyone who will look

Showing the differences

And analyzing all the possible meanings

And priding yourself on the fact that

You weren’t afraid

To reveal yourself to others

Which only serves

To perpetuate your own self-made lie.



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