Waves of Reality

She views the barren snd before her

A plain of vast emptiness

Distinguished only by a set of her footprints

Continually cleansed by the tides of perpetual flow

She is a jewel

Shining amongst this dullness

Admired amongst this plainness

She absorbs the sands warmth

Taking the vibrant energy it gains from the sun

Foam touches her warm feet

Its coldness startling her

Awakening her from her self-indulgence

It seems to call to her

Taunting her to look at the ocean beside her

It then backs away

Leaving her to form her own impression

Of this new discovery

Her cool indifference is cast away

As she looks to the vast body of water

And becomes aware of its presence

Its reality

Its waves mark the passion within her

Its crests rise to her ecstatic happiness

Its troughs fall to her dark depressions

Next to the ocean she is an equal

A jewel amongst a thousand jewels

She longs to enter its mysterious water

That seems to share the air she breathes

In a moment of true confidence

She leaves the sand

The canvas for her beauty

And enters the water

The paint of her beauty

Her footprints are left on the sand

To be made into a hazy impression

By the beautiful flow of the tide.


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