Phoenix in the Rough

A stranger you are
And a stranger you’ll be
Until the end of eternity
You don’t open up
You don’t let me in
I’m lost on the road called you
No road map supplied
I wander along
In the hope that I can find the way
Into your heart and into your mind
Unlock the door, open it wide
And let me step inside.


You smile
And you light up my life
You inspire
A deeper feeling in my heart
Your laughter
The sweetest sound
Your friendship
An anchor in my sea
I miss your face
I miss your voice
I miss your long embrace
I laugh through the tears
And cry through the pain
Of the loneliness of life without you.

Seahorse Fifteen

I smile, I laugh
I cry and I die
My heart skips a beat
And I lose control
I think of you
And I’m in a dream
I know I can’t have you
I know it’s not fair
Your heart is taken
And it’s not mine to share
I can’t help it, I need you
I live and I breathe you
You are my security blanket
My safety net,
The only thing I feel I have left
I hold on tight to what we have
Because in the night
It’s all I find
To give me hope, to get me by.

Seahorse Fourteen

my dreams, a reality in the dark
my life, a play on words at best
my strength, nothing more than a show
my love, the truest thing on earth
my courage, a daily fight to survive
let’s be honest, strip it all away
standing here naked,
what’s left to see.
I dream, I breathe, I laugh, I cry
I’m so much like you
But so scared to say
I love you
Like nothing before
Or ever to come
You are so much more than just a boy
You hold my heart so tender
You hold my hand so tight
Your arms around me,
From the cold, dark, lonely night

Seahorse Thirteen

Walking along
the rain keeps falling
My thoughts are a puzzle
Each day is a struggle
To keep trudging on
The road is long
The distance is great
Between you and I
A tragedy of fate
My heart aches to hold you
My hands tremble at the thought
How did this happen?
How did life pull us apart?
The knot in the rope keeps slipping
And I keep falling
Deeper and deeper
In love
The choice isn’t ours
Its out of our hands
We’re just puppet fools
At the mercy of the strings
Dancing together,
twisting and turning
Into a web of tangled truths
I’m so tied up,
And I keep falling
Deeper and deeper
In love

Seahorse Twelve

You stay close
When I push you away
You keep me safe
When I’m falling
You hold me up
When I am down
And now, I repay
I will stay close
I will keep you safe
I will hold you up
You’ve affected me
So differently
Than anyone before
And for that I thank you
And promise my friendship

Seahorse Eleven

Walking along,
I hear our song.
I thank my past,
For my future,
Because it involves you.
My best friend,
And guardian.
You’ve helped me see,
The brighter side,
Of every situation.
And everyday,
I’ve learned a new lesson…
Keep you heart open,
Keep your head up,
Hold on tight,
And enjoy this ride
Called life.