He Will

The pain in your eyes

The tears

What are you afraid of?

What are your fears?

Watch who you tell!

All of those nights spent alone

All of those nights on your own

The moon

The silver moon

Casts an image in the water

Ruining the image of the life

The life you run in the day

Don’t be afraid

He will come to you in time

He will be here soon to end your pain

Are we living to die?


Melody of Constellations

The earth’s orbit

Creates a light breeze

Softly blowing beneath her

Lifting her feather-like body

High above the confusion of the world

That has lost its sense

In a swirl of streaming colors

The earth is but a pinpoint

In the middle of this vast plain of darkness

Yet she does not feel alone

Surrounding her is a circle of stars

Their penetrating, mesmerizing light

Is made brighter by her faithful presence

She is their centre, their source of energy

Her mind floats from its natural state

As the aura of every shining bulb

Pulls her into its secret world

Whispering its hidden dreams

Its hidden lives

Filling her with colourful images

That paint the fragility of the human heart

The whispers create haunting melodies

Their notes touching every sense within her

Balancing, equaling, harmonizing

They flow like streams of brilliant colour

Against the dark canvas of the sky

The wind of the blue marble below her

Suddenly begins to swirl

Pulling her down

Out of her sanctuary

Out of her beauty

Into a chaos that will engulf her

With its insanity of color

The stars fade farther and farther away

Until they are but pinpoints

Against a vast plain of darkness

And the melody of her soul drops to a dull drone.

I Want to Feel

Living to die

Is it worth it?

Born to be buried

Why should I try?

I never asked to be here

So why am I here?

Should I be thankful for my life?

Well, I’m not

I want to die

I want to feel the fire

Burning away my flesh

I want to feel the bullet

Go through my skull

I want to feel the rope

Tighten and snap against my neck

I want to feel the poison

As it slowly kills me

I want to feel death.


Her hands break apart the ice

She hoists her fragile frame out of the biting water

Unbalanced and fumbling she stands on her own

And must depend only on her strength to remain steady

Instead of the support of the water

Her vision unfocused and dazed

Slowly becomes accustomed to the unfamiliar light

And within seconds she tastes saltiness on her lips

As she thinks of the sacrifice she has made

Leaving the comforting numbness of the water

Because of the breath it stole from her

The warm air it replaced with a cold caress

Her pain immediately forgotten

And the memory of the frozen earth beneath her

Melted away

As her glazed grey eyes look up

And meet with the fire of the sun

She feels its glow as if it were a part of her

She feels her hands

Touching every ray of light above her head

As if they are streaming into her heart

Her body shivers violently as her focus is yanked away

From this enlightenment

Back to the cold that is beneath her

She looks below

Into the frozen water that still holds so much

Of her in its crystalline web

For a second its frozen comfort envelopes her again

But she fights against it with the fire that is

Now her soul.

She, the bearer of the sun, is strong

Her distorted reflection flickers in the water

The disappears

Her gaze returns to the sun

To face its equality

Its beauty

To become one with the bright rays

That reflect her image

An image that is of total truth


Familiar Shadow

Her gaze follows the shadow

As it darts in and out

Of the flickering orange dancers

Taunting her, teasing her

With its hasty movements

Within the burning fire

She is doubtful of the shadow’s strength

Of its endurance of the suffocating heat

She senses its fear, its pain

As it hesitates

And remains still

An image of darkness

With the pure brightness of the flaming circle

Its insecurities become apparent

As the light intensifies

Its quivering shaking outline

As it senses its own foolishness

As such a feeble attempt to toy with her

To play with her emotions

Bitter tears stream from her empty heart

And blur her vision causing the shadow to be lost

In the fire’s passionate whirlwind of color

And allowing her to hide behind a veil of feigned anger

She turns her head secretly wishing her tears

Would render the fire to a smoking pile of ash

For her suffering for the mere shell of a true being

Has been pointless

And she longs to be rid of this dim shadow

Whom she has never known

Yet who has never been a stranger


A Child’s Secret Weapon

Sticks and stones

May break my bones

But words will never hurt me

A passed on lie

Told often by

A child who’s still naive

I don’t know

I don’t care

I don’t give a fuck what you think

But deep inside

In the back of my mind

My spirit starts to sink

I’ve scraped my shin

I’ve stubbed my toe

I’ve stepped upon a nail

But by far the worst

My soul they did impale

Now I’ve got another rhyme

I keep inside for me

And now I write it down in ink

For everyone to see

Stick and stones

Could break my bones

But a word will be what kills me.


Half eaten meals

Lying by the bodies

Of gluttons

Are ignored by the working ants

Who silently perform

Their menial tasks

Without which

The hive would fail

Never allowing

The colors to shatter

Into the neutral greys of truth

Seen by the business man

Who puts on a happy face

To greet his children

While another

Reptilian daydream

Collapses under the first rays

Of a still teething moon

Onto the soft green grass behind him

Where it shall remain

Until the ultimate goal is achieved

And there can finally be rest.